What's in my Revel?

One of the fun aspects of owning a Revel or any RV is learning what others are using to make their lives more fun on the road. Below are some of the items I've added to my Revel that I really enjoy using. Everything on here is actually in my Revel and gets used on a regular basis. If an item is listed here it has my endorsement through inclusion!

Items I recommend and Use for the Kitchen / Cooking

These pans work well with the induction cooktop. They heat fast and are non-stick so you can easily wipe out instead of having to scrub them in the sink. They stack together and fit perfectly in the cabinet above the bench seat. Pricey but high quality and useful. Learned about these through the Revel Facebook Group! 

Magma Nesting


I love natural wood cutting boards. At 12" this one is small enough to easily fit in the Revel pantry for storage but big enough to be useful.

Acacia Wood Cutting Board

 I like to cook outside as much as I can to keep things clean inside. This is my favorite way to do it, a compact bbq grill. It's easy to store in a bin in the garage area and keep a few small propane cylinders with it too.

Cuisinart Grill

Items I recommend and Use for the Revel Bed & Garage

In the bed area, there really isn't a good place to leave your things for the night. This little self-sticking storage nets fits easily in the cubby area and holds phone, keys, and/or wallet easily.

Car Storage Organizer

Bulky items like camp chairs, folding table, fire pit, axe, and shovel need a place to hide out while not in use. This inexpensive toy chest does the trick and fits perfectly in the Garage.  Click here to see photo in the Revel in this blog article.

Toy Box Storage for Camping Gear & Extra Seating

Another product with dual purpose. As a wedge you can easily sit up and watch movies or read a book. Flipped around and stuffed between the bed and the back door and you get an extra 4" or so of sleeping area!

WOWMAX Triangular Wedge Pillow

The floor in the garage area scratches pretty easily. I added this foam exercise mat and it stops scratches, keeps things from sliding around and my dog loves it giving him some extra grip! Click here to see photo in the Revel in this blog article.

Exercise Mat for Garage Floor

Utility Items I use in the Revel

When you are driving around a studio apartment on rough roads, you may need to fix things on the fly. I found this kit to be very helpful with a wide variety of tools in a small package.

50 Piece DIY

Tool Kit

Take your firewood to the campsite without getting your Revel garage dirty, then return home with your trash packed in the Trasharoo. Using the attached straps I put this on my ladder to keep it up and away from the ground.  I've used this on three trips so far and find it really convenient.


I keep the GoTreads on board just in case I do something stupid offroad and need a little help to get unstuck. These boards fold, so not good for bridging or serious 4X4 recovery, but they do give me peace of mind in case I get stuck in some mud. They don't take up much space. I store them in a bin full of utility stuff in the garage area.

GoTreads traction boards

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