• David Abramowski

My Winnebago Revel Creature Comforts - Bed and Garage Area

While many of the folks who own Winnebago Revels spend a pretty penny on mechanical modifications, I'm still enjoying the stock vehicle. I do however love my creature comforts.

In this episode I'll talk about a few of the items I've added to the rear area of the Revel (Garage and Bed) to make it just a little more comfortable.

The very first item that I bought was a mattress topper. The stock mattress is really more of a seat cushion than a mattress and it's not really that comfortable. Since the bed is oddly shaped, I went with a custom cut memory foam topper with cotton cover from Mattress Insider. I'm very happy with this purchase and have had many comfortable nights in the Revel thanks to this addition.

Under the bed is a large storage area called the Garage. I did notice in my early trips that the floor scratches pretty easily. To solve this issue, I used a series of interlocking " exercise puzzle mats". I found this product on Amazon where the mat pieces come with a finished edge. The bonus here is that it fits exactly perfect from wheel well to wheel well without any cuts in my 2020 Revel. The package comes with 6 squares. At first I used a 2x2 layout (as you see in the photo) but then liked it so much I went back and cut the other two squares and added another package to cover the floor all the way up to the cab. Here is a link to the product:

I also needed a way to store several long bulky items that don't fit into regular bins. I ended up finding a product that not only lets me store the camp chairs, folding table, shovel, axe and a few other items, it also doubles as a bench seat for a couple people. It has a padded top and can withstand 600lbs according to the product listing. Here is the listing for the storage chest:

In the bed area there were two small issues I wanted to solve. First, if you are like me, your phone is almost always at your side. There is no shelf or space to put your phone in the bed area so this little stick on holder perfectly fits in the cutout area. Quick and easy way to solve this problem. It's got 3M tape and has stuck securely without issue.

Secondly, there is an opening between the bed and the back door. I wanted to take advantage of this space and increase the sleeping area slightly. I ended up trying out a wedge pillow that has dual purpose. I can use it to prop myself up for watching movies or reading in bed, but then I can flip it over and stuff it between the bed and the rear door at night creating additional surface area that a random arm or leg can occupy. It extends the main section of the bed by nearly 4 more inches! Here is the Amazon link:

All of the items that I recommend above are items I have personally purchased and use in my Winnebago Revel. None of these products are promotions or sponsors. I actually use them.

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