• David Abramowski

A desert rain storm; a surprise ending

Reaching forward I pressed the black button with the tip of my finger. The beastly diesel engine gave one last gasp, going dormant. Silence enveloped the van like a warm chocolate glaze pouring over a freshly baked cake, every nook and cranny was filled.

I peered through the rolling hills, the desert landscape consumed my sense of sight. The blue skies and bright sunshine overhead gave way to dark brooding clouds gathering in the distance. I sat motionless as I watched the weather rapidly march towards me. The winds blew feverishly ahead of the storm effortlessly rolling giant tumbleweeds.

The storm marches into Anza Borrego above our campsite

To my right, blue skies and sun beams surrounded mountain tops. To my left, black swirling clouds took command. A gentle rain swept across the thirsty sand granting a sweet reprieve from so many days of burning sunshine. At that moment, caught between the light and the dark, a magical rainbow appeared.

A magical rainbow appears between the light and dark

The colors of the rainbow, so clearly delineated and vibrant, I could almost smell their flavors like I could smell the freshness of the rain. My remote location, granted by the capable Revel, put me far, far away from others. In that moment I felt a special connection to the world, with deep admiration for the rainbow that fell from the sky.

Raindrops in the desert

The sun slipped behind the mountain tops inviting darkness to sweep the land. Waves of gentle rain showers seamlessly arrived and departed at random intervals. After a delicious dinner, I crawled into the comfort of the bed with a book in my hand.

The book was interesting but the storm stole my attention. I turned off the lights, laid there in silence, and let the desert absorb me. The darkness was complete, window shades not necessary. When rain slowed its dance on the metal roof, the wind howled whipping across the tundra. Tightly embraced by the warmth of the bedding, soon I was deep asleep in my protective chamber.

Sunlight crept through the gray skies, illuminating the room around me. My internal alarm sounded, waking me to the sound of nothing. Silence blanketed the van once again, while I bathed in the peacefulness of the Colorado desert of Southern California.

Tilting my head slightly, I peeked from the window and saw the great surprise. The barren mountain tops transformed overnight into sugar coated gumdrops. While rain was performing a rhythmic dance on my rooftop, higher up, snowflakes took a rare and brave journey, tumbling into the desert.

At the end of the storm, snow on the mountaintops

After a casual breakfast, sips of hot coffee, and last looks across the landscape it was time to depart the desert. I took my position at the helm, reached forward and pressed the black button once again. There was a pause as the systems took notice and awoke from their slumber, then the diesel beast roared back to life.

Slowly I made my way down the slushy mountain trail with the beasts burly wheels splashing through the wet sand. With the rains, the desert had come alive in a way I'd never seen before. Cactus were flowering. Grasses were green. The landscape was so full of life, it was about to burst.

It was a special experience to be deep in the desert when the majestic storm rolled through. The life giving essence of the rain significantly impacted the landscape and left a lasting impression on me.

After the rains, the desert becomes vibrant

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