• David Abramowski

A conFUSEing issue with the 2020 Winnebago Revel loft bed

Up goes the bed, tick tick all the way to the ceiling opening the cargo area for the bikes and the firewood. The bed stops in place and I latch the seat belt for travel and head out. A few hours later it's time to drop the bed and make camp.

I push the down button on the bed control and nothing happens. I turn the key and try again, nothing. I start looking at the bed, the motor, jiggling things, pushing things, you know...cave-man style repair. Then it occurred to me to check the fuse box. I pop the cover and there we have it. The little red indicator light next to fuse #3 was glowing red. Luckily I had purchased a set of fuses and made the replacement. A push of the down arrow and the bed slowly made it to its place.

Now I was curious, why did the fuse blow. So I raised the bed all the way again and yup the fuse blew again. I removed the pillows and bedding and once again raised the bed. This time the fuse did not blow. At least we have a reason, the bedding created enough load on the system to cause the fault to occur as the motor tried to reach it's stopping point.

After returning from the mini-trip I called my service advisor at Lichtsinn RV and asked them if this was a normal occurrence. He said that it's the first he's heard of it and decided to look into it for me. Big props here that he didn't just blow me off (see what I did there) and actually looked into it.

He asked me for a photo of the fuse box (above is what I sent). After a few hours he called me back with some news. The schematics for the Revel indicate that the bed should be on a 20A re-settable fuse, and my just-from-the-factory Revel had a 15A single use in the spot.

I was going to head to the auto parts store to get a new 20A fuse, but my advisor said he could just have one sent to me. He said that it was better for him to file the warranty claim so that Winnebago was aware of their mistake. So he did, and a couple days later the fuse arrived from Winnebago and I put it in place. Now the bed can go all the way up even with bedding on it, and I don't burn out the fuse.

If you have a 2020 Winnebago Revel, take a look at your fuse box and make sure you have a 20A re settable fuse in position #3 or at least know that you should carry some extra fuses so you can drop that bed down and get a good nights sleep.

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